Integration of the Infor ERP systems with 1C system

Actual for the foreign companies, which are working in Russia and using Infor ERP

If any branch of foreign company wants to conduct successful activity in Russia it needs to have a comfortable and functional system, which provides companies with tools to conduct management accounting, accounting, fiscal accounting, reporting and fully comply with Russian legislation.

The 1C system is the most common software, which meets these requirements.

Frontstep CIS works in a sphere of IT consulting for over 20 years. The main specialization is business applications implementation and system integration. One of the many products of Frontstep CIS is universal connector, which provides companies with reliable data transfer between the 1C system and ERP, regardless of the database management system they use.

The data exchange interface between Infor system and 1C system was created to conduct comfortable accounting and reporting according to Russian standards.

The universal connector allow to synchronize master data automatically or manually.  This lets staff enter the information only one time, decreasing their labor. Another advantage is that system lets company ensure the accuracy of the account.

This integration solution is a flexible tool and this allows adapt it to the specifics of the 1C system, which is used in the enterprise, with specifics Infor systems, which is also implemented in the enterprise.

In this way the universal connector integrates any vendor’s software in a single integrated system and allows to automate accounting in international environment, it can also provide the head office of the parent company with the comprehensive information.

It provides managers of the head office with the high cooperation with its local companies.

Implementation of an automated system is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Specialists in Frontstep CIS also have an experience of integration with MS Dynamics, WMS and etc.